About US

EV LAB stands as the Middle East's first multi-brand electric mobility platform, with a clear focus on propelling the shift toward sustainable transportation by promoting the advantages inherent to electric mobility. This endeavor takes aim at improving air quality, nurturing the environment, and fostering diversified economic expansion in the region. A fundamental pillar of EV LAB's strategy involves forming partnerships with key industry stakeholders. Through these collaborations, the platform assembles a diverse array of e-mobility products currently accessible in the market. With a background encompassing various sectors, including solar energy and the transportation realm, EV LAB fully honors its commitment to be a catalyst towards a sustainable transport system in the region. The accumulated expertise within the team in the spheres of sustainability and mobility lends a unique perspective. This collective experience serves as a fount of valuable insights, spanning from the seamless integration of renewable energy solutions with electric mobility to a comprehensive understanding of the intricate facets of the perpetually evolving sustainable transportation landscape. The dedication to facilitate a transportation system that prioritizes environmental consciousness, practicality, and efficiency is a source of genuine enthusiasm and dedication. In a world progressively prioritizing reduced carbon footprints and environmentally friendly alternatives, EV LAB's contributions pave the way for a cleaner, more promising future not only within the region but also echoing beyond its borders.
The UAE has been a leader in the region when it comes to electric vehicles. The government has put significant effort and investment into EV’s through bringing in dealers such as Tesla into the UAE, pushing for charging infrastructure through local utilities and buying incentives.

Bringing in vehicles into a country with relatively low oil prices is always a challenge, with the cost effectiveness of EVs becoming harder to justify due to their higher upfront cost. In addition, due to low taxes on vehicles, there is little incentive that can be provided for individual sales of EV’s.

However, the UAE has set its sights on big targets when it comes to sustainable mobility, with 30% of the fleet to be electrified by 2030 in the UAE.

To this end, the government gives plenty of incentives to people looking to buy. They include:
  • Free registration of EV’s
  • Free Salik Tag
  • Free parking spots across Dubai
  • Free charging at DEWA stations until 2021

We are very passionate about sustainable mobility, and aim to foster an inclusive community of EV enthusiasts, through giving everyone we work with a great customer experience. We don’t push for sales, and understand the customer’s needs before giving informed advice, as we believe that in the long term this gives greater results.

Through sharing our expertise, we want to be the one source of trusted information which is neutral, and in the end will benefit the end user.

We believe that it is through this that we can all be part of the bigger movement of sustainable mobility and move the world towards a cleaner planet.